A Little About Us


Kerstin Ellis

Partner, Director of Strategy & Client Service

Kerstin has worked in the marketing and communications industries in Wyoming and Colorado. Throughout her career, she has worked with an array of product and service companies in the medical, construction, research, property management, sport/recreation, and health and beauty industries. Kerstin's passion is working with businesses to create smart strategy that guides effective implementation.

Her expertise includes strategy development, content writing and management, print and web design, search strategy and best practices, and public and media relations.

Kerstin’s B.A. is in Journalism and Communications with an Emphasis in Public Relations and Speech Communication and a Minor in English from Iowa State University.

Two young sons and a husband keep Kerstin busy outside of work. She also enjoys skiing, boating, and watching her son's sports activities.


Leah Reeb Varela

Partner, Director of Operations & New Business

Leah has worked in the the private, public and not for profit sectors in Wyoming, across the United States and internationally for the previous 10 years. She has extensive experience in the local, state and federal government sectors, private consulting, business development and marketing. Leah's passion includes working with brands that provide a unique quality of life to their users.

Leah's expertise include business and sales process best practices, social media strategy and implementation, program development and management, event planning and public and media relations.

Leah’s B.S. is in Political and Social Science. She received her Masters in Public Administration (MPA) from the University of Wyoming in 2008.

In her free time, Leah enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, being outdoors and attending community activities.

It all started when...

...we began developing a business concept to create a traditional and digital integrated marketing and communications firm in Casper, Wyoming that would offer a unique culture prioritizing the experience of life, flexibility, hard work, and courageous actions.


(You'll see these four cornerstones throughout all areas of our business, values, and everything we do. They're part of how we manage our clients and projects, work with you, run our business, and collaborate with employees and independent contractors. See, we look at this like a funnel that starts with our employees and business and flows all the way through to our clients and customers. We create an environment that offers flexibility to work when each individual is most creative and efficient; supports courageous innovation, trial and big thoughts that lead to new and effective ideas and initiatives; pushes people to do more better; and encourages them to experience and engage in all the things that interest them or they love. Through this process we cultivate a happy, healthy, strong and smart team, that works hard and is invested in getting our clients big results.)

Back to our story, we had dozens of conversations, brainstorming sessions, and back-and-forth emails. Eventually, certain themes began to rise to the surface. As “experience” junkies who love the new and different adventures life offers, working with brands that provide products and services that positively affect the lives of those that use them, became one of our top priorities. To correlate this to real value, we began to look at our prior work experience and expertise. Interestingly, we both had worked for businesses and brands throughout our careers that met this mission. To offer and focus even more, we identified two groups we could best serve: engineering/construction and tourism/lifestyle.

In 2017, Hinge Studio Marketing and Communications officially launched. Through these pages you can find more about our clients, how we work and the industries we serve. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We'd love the opportunity to visit with you.

Kerstin Ellis, Partner
Leah Reeb Varela, Partner

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