Simple Injection

The WTBC, through the Casper Start-Up Challenge, is providing a monetary incentive and the business support needed for contestants to act on their ideas.

Client: Simple Injection

How do you help a start-up business establish its brand and prepare for a competitive presentation?

The Wyoming Technical Business Center (WTBC) Incubator Program is focused on educating and supporting business start-ups throughout the state in an effort to create and improve economic development in Wyoming. WTBC Casper offers a variety of laboratory, office, and shared conference room space for client companies. Through the Casper Start-Up Challenge, the WTBC provides a monetary incentive and business support to selected entrepreneurs that submit ideas at varying stages of development. Hinge Studio was hired to work with four of the five WTBC Casper Start-Up Challenge finalists in 2018. Our team was tasked with helping these finalists develop and define their brands as well as prepare materials for their final, public presentations. For Simple Injection, the 2018 Casper Start-Up Challenge Winner, Hinge Studio held a brand deep dive to understand the business, products and audiences. After gaining this insight, Hinge Studio identified brand features and components that are representative of the business and products and resonate with its target audience. Based on these features and components, our team designed a presentation for Simple Injection for the Casper Start-Up Challenge.